[Bf-committers] NULL-like bgl.Buffer and related

Quentin Wenger matpi at protonmail.ch
Mon Feb 29 08:26:54 CET 2016


[not sure this best belongs to bf-committers or bf-python...]

I am currently developping an addon making heavy use of OpenGL/bgl (and BTW gpu.offscreen, which seems to do exactly what I was lacking for in terms of Framebuffers... thanks Dalai & reviewers!).

Still there is one only thing that seems not to work for me: bgl.glVertexAttribPointer. Reason for that is, I would use (void*)0 (or NULL maybe) as the last parameter in equivalent OpenGL/C code, that last parameter representing an offset in the buffer, which seems not to be possible currently with bgl.Buffer.

So I thought I'd need to implement a kind of special bgl.Buffer (maybe stored as a variable in bgl or even, static in bgl.Buffer) internally mapping to (void*)0 or NULL. But then I realized it could sometimes be helpful to specify other offsets, say (void*)4, etc.

At this point I decided it would be better to ask more people before diving in the code. ;-)

So, what do you think about that? Do you know about a workaround in bgl? Is the implementation of special bgl.Buffer a possibility?

Note that I do have a temporary workaround - OpenGL.GL.glVertexAttribPointer(..., ctypes.c_void_p(None)) in the middle of bgl code - but that's not very nice, uses external package, etc. Moreover, without such as special bgl.Buffer or any similar alternative the function bgl.glVertexAttribPointer simply is mostly useless.


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