[Bf-committers] "A humble thank you"

Srecko Micic srecko.micic at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 21:00:13 CET 2016

Can not agree more with what Piotr said.

Thank you very very much!

Srecko Micic
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> On Feb 24, 2016, at 8:27 PM, Piotr Arlukowicz <piotao at polskikursblendera.pl> wrote:
> Congratulations Ton, and THANK YOU AGAIN, this is very deserved and
> unspeakable, HOW many good you already did to the world.
> Here, in USA I'm showing Blender all days at the University, carrying
> Blender Cap, giving workshops, talking and applying Blender to science and
> misc problems, and I become somehow a self-made "Blender Evangelist".
> People opens their eyes with awe, they are surprized and just speechless
> when they see HOW NICE and GOOD Blender is, and if I tell them that this is
> a program for free, for them, for making an awesomeness, they are crazy!
> They barely trust me! Some of them have never heard about Open Source...
> Imagine, how Blender is making them happy! They suddenly can see the hole
> in their jail!
> I'm pretty serious, and I would like to second this acknowledge, because I
> KNOW that Blender is nice, I KNOW you are nice, and I want you to know,
> that people are changing their life and the way they're thinking about the
> world because of Bledner! So my real mission here, in USA is to bring
> Blender to them (instead of doing science), and I did it already to several
> people, who are astonished and amazed, and will use that program in their
> research and scientific projects.
> Thank you Ton, this changed my life too. I'm more open, more happy, more
> generous person, just because of the good example YOU showed us all. Don't
> be shy and admit, that you are changing the world! The WHOLE WORLD! :)
> Good luck with everything you are doing!
> pio
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> ​ Arlukowicz, BFCT​
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> 2016-02-24 3:39 GMT-05:00 Ton Roosendaal <ton at blender.org>:
>> Hi,
>> I shouldn't forget to share a mail from the foundation inbox once in a
>> while! :)
>> "
>> Just felt compelled to thank you all as an organization, and as
>> individuals, for providing such an amazing free service. I'm a seriously
>> poor artist, and having this program available for free has made a world of
>> difference to me, so thank you from the bottom of my painted heart.
>> Best regards,
>> Ian C.
>> "
>> -Ton-
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