[Bf-committers] About groups and object deletion in 2.77

Thomas Beck software at plasmasolutions.de
Sun Feb 21 20:10:08 CET 2016

Hi Bastien,

as stated earlier while talking to you in IRC, I'm definitely for your last
proposal - delete the object from the group if it is not used anymore in
the scene. I think the current behaviour (deleting an object but still
having it in a group) is hardly understandable from a user perspective
(even tough it is consistent when you imagine that the assignment to a
group is raising the user count). Indeed I would never have contacted you
if one of my collegues would not have told me that he found a bug with
groups (exactly the new behaviour!).

So let's not change the deletion behaviour for this version and stick to
the expected one...and I'm all in for a good group dev sprint when the time
is right ;)

All the best,

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2016-02-21 17:22 GMT+01:00 Bastien Montagne <montagne29 at wanadoo.fr>:

> Hi people,
> So, a recent report [1] raised the topic of how deleting objects should
> (or not) remove them from their groups.
> The 2.76 and previous behavior was (usually) to remove objects from
> their groups once they were deleted from all user scenes.
> However, this behavior was broken in some cases (the 'user_one' ID
> issue, same as with images used in both textures and ImageEditor
> e.g., depending on order of assignments images becomes unremovable…).
> In 2.77 a fix was made to our handling of those 'user_one' ID usages,
> previous 'special behaviors' of those corner cases shall no more
> exist, and usercount should always remain consistent.
> Now, this unfold an issue with object deletion and groups: since
> 'user_one' usage is no more 'lost' when deleting the object, it does not
> desappear
> anymore from its groups - so you get an unreachable object still
> presents in all groups instantiations, which is obviously bad.
> This kind of enlight our poor managing of objects & groups imho, but for
> 2.77 I would propose to simply add explicit removal
> of object from all groups uppon deletion (provided said object is used
> by no scene anymore). That way we avoid changing
> behavior for users, and at least code also clearly reflects expected
> behavior.
> Later we can decide what tools we want to manage objects in groups, and
> add them. ;)
> [1] https://developer.blender.org/T47482
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