[Bf-committers] glTF Exporter

Daniel Stokes kupomail at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 21:56:24 CET 2016

Greetings bf-committers,

Since there was some interested in glTF support in Blender, I have moved
the glTF exporting functionality out of the Real Time Engine addon, and
made it available as its own addon. Since the exporting was meant for
serving a specific purpose, it does not have any options other than a
filepath. It is also missing support for animations and missing some
options around textures and materials. However, for anyone looking to play
around with glTF, this could be useful. The output of the exporter passes
the validator supplied by Khronos.

The link:

I would like to mention that Mitchell Stokes did most of the initial
implementation of the glTF exporting.

Daniel Stokes

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