[Bf-committers] Request for Collada Importers/Exporters

Juan Linietsky reduzio at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 01:10:29 CET 2016

> I no longer use Collada but am very excited about solutions to 1 and 4
> above. They benefit all Blenderheads. For those who *do* use Collada, we
> might as well get it right (the 2 & 3 part).

Game engines such as Unity or Unreal would happily support Collada if
Blender exports it properly. They already do in a limited way so helping
them out should not be a problem.
Worst case, I can give them a hand with that, otherwise we run into the
horrible situation where open source game engines can't use FBX due to
license restrictions.
As I develop Godot, i don't want this situation to get worse.

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