[Bf-committers] Request for Collada Importers/Exporters

Mike Erwin significant.bit at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 00:53:16 CET 2016

Juan Linietsky <reduzio at gmail.com> wrote:

> Julian, I'm only proposing a way to solve the following problems:
> 1) Not having an alternative to FBX
> 2) Not having a fully working Collada exporter that supports the same as
> the FBX. You can test mine any time, try exporting a complex scene from
> Blender with skeletal animations, blend shapes, multiple actions, etc.
> 3) Not having a fully working Collada importer. You can test mine any time
> and see how it imports Blender, OpenCollada, XSI, Lightwave, etc. with all
> the above mentioned features.
> 4) Not having the huge bloat that represents using OpenCollada in Blender.
I no longer use Collada but am very excited about solutions to 1 and 4
above. They benefit all Blenderheads. For those who *do* use Collada, we
might as well get it right (the 2 & 3 part).

Mike Erwin
musician, naturalist, pixel pusher, hacker extraordinaire

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