[Bf-committers] The future of FBX and/or other formats in Blender

spatial spatial at huf.org
Wed Feb 10 22:56:34 CET 2016

> - Known (half-)broken things (like cameras/lights orientation issues),
> over which I do not intend to spend more time, since those are not
> critical features to support imho.
The way I solved this issue was to copy the motion (scale translate 
rotation) to a empty object, and parent the non moving camera/ lights to 
this empty (So I can do an easy roate it by 90 degrees etc in the 
application of choice). Maybe this process can be optional / automated ?

> - Mysterious third-party applications-related issues (scaling, skeletons
> again, etc.), that is, bugs that show with one app but not another.

This is the point wich hits my nerve, because you will _allways_ run 
into problems, even if you try to natively support an application of 
choice. If you are lucky you do have an open format (lw modo) wich you
can _export_ to, wich is (imho) the beter solution than writing an importer:
If you are using a more or less closed format (blender / max) you are
not only bound to the problems reinventing the wheel (like text 
objects), but also with the restrictions the api provide.

Point is, you will allways run into problems and things don't get better 
with collada, fbx or what I've read about USD wich all try to be as less 
restrictive as possible, wich opens the can of worms for 
misinterpretation and half supported features.

I really hoped USD would make it right, and come up at the start with a 
very limited and restricted format with one or two reference 
implementions, so people could test their importers/exporters on them. 
But as far as I see this isn't the case. In fact I've got some deja vue 
feeling (collada). But maybe its just to soon to judge it.

This shouldn't sound like a defendance to the current situation wich 
undoubtly does suck, but I still does not encounter any scene 
description format wich is as simple and foolproof as obj is for 
objects... Maybe USD will proove me wrong, maybe glTF (wich I heard the 
first tme) might be the solution, but wouldn't it be wiser to wait
until we do know that these formats do work / are widely supported ?

just my 2 cents on this

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