[Bf-committers] The future of FBX and/or other formats in Blender

David Fenner d4vidfenner at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 15:48:53 CET 2016

2016-02-10 11:28 GMT-03:00 Fabio Pesari <fabio at pesari.eu>:

> , but if it "dies" in
> terms of fewer contributions due to poor funding, it will be exactly
> because of people who would rather buy* expensive proprietary programs
> than donate at least 1/3 of that money to Blender. Why the double standard?
> * = in some cases, rent, because many of those other programs use DRM
>     and are subscription-based.

Talking about double standard here is waaay too idealistic. Users buy
software when they need to, and when open source software meets all their
needs, they donate when they can or want. Still, having thousands of users
using blender is still better for the software, since studios do develop
for blender for time to time, they also contribute bug reports, ideas,
sometimes money, and they spread the use of the software, which makes big
studios start to develop also for blender. Is an ecosystem based on users.
Sadly, people don't appreciate what they have until they can lose it, and
that's what I'm saying that maybe fbx export should be crowdfunded.

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