[Bf-committers] Blender support for shader mdoel 6.0

Nadir Cazi ncazi at nvidia.com
Mon Feb 8 07:56:17 CET 2016


   We are facing an error in our internal testing while rendering using Blender, with our latest chip running Shader Model 6.0.
>> "cuda binary kernal for this graphics card  compute capability 6.0 not found"

   We see app creates context, checks for sm version, and then destroys the context and quits.

    Does Blender NOT support shader model 6.0? If so, are there any immediate plans to support it?

Thanks and regards,
Nadir Cazi,
Nvidia Graphics

P.S.: Exact steps to reproduce error:
1. Launch Blender app, double click to open.
2. Click on file > Open > select any project by traversing to the path it is saved.
3. Go to File > User Preference > System, select CUDA under "Compute Device".
4. Close User Preference.
5. Click on the Render option (small camera icon) toward the right view.
6. There should be a "Device" drop-down option, which is defaulted to "CPU", change that to "GPU Compute".
7. Render the active scene by clicking the render option, which is the button with the small camera with the word "Render" next to it. It's the first button from the "Render" pane.

1. Failed with error "cuda binary kernal for this graphics card compute capability 6.0 not found" error after clicking on render button

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