[Bf-committers] Blender 2.78 tetsbuild2 AHOY

Sergey Sharybin sergey.vfx at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 17:10:31 CEST 2016


We are doing Tetsbuild2 tonight!

Information for platform maintainers:

- Build from the master branch, SHA 7dc328e8a1cea0f1ea0b8848a38ce7521401ca8b
- Use latest locales and addons revisions for this build.

Suggested name: blender-2.78-testbuild2-<platform>

Notes (they didn't change since last AHOY actually):
- Make sure OpenSubdiv is version 3.0.5
- Make sure you compile sm_60 and sm_61 CUDA kernels
- Make sure pre-sm_60 kernels are compiled with CUDA toolkit 7.5, and sm_6x
kernels are compiled with toolkit 8.

To do that something like this works on Windows:

Computing Toolkit/CUDA/v7.5/bin/nvcc.exe ^
Computing Toolkit/CUDA/v8.0/bin/nvcc.exe ^

Similar thing will work for OSX, just need to adjust paths to nvcc.

Thanks for your time and let me know when the builds are up.

With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

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