[Bf-committers] Hiring developers for BF (grants) and BI (jobs)

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sat Aug 20 17:39:08 CEST 2016

Hi everyone,

We have a number of paid positions to fill in. These are currently first going to be offered to people who already have been contributing to Blender in the past.

Possibilities are:

- Part time or project based work from home, on a Blender Foundation grant
  Also for reviews, docs, bug fixing, releases, coordination.

- Full time job here in Blender Institute, Amsterdam
  For 2.8 work: viewport, animation, hair/particle nodes, etc) but also for Cycles.

- Part time work on one of the above targets, can be from home.

I've already spend some time talking to the active developers and contributors about this. Either to get their advice or to discuss possibilities to get involved. 

If you have advice or want to discuss opportunities, please contact me, either via email (in private) or in irc.freenode.net nick 'kaito'. There is no formal procedure or job application process in place yet. I first want to have good insight in who would be available for what. We also might to short introduction projects or visits first before making final decisions.

And then there's also the topic of trying to find experienced 3D tool designer/coders from outside of our channels. Where are the former XSI coders hiding? :)

I will keep everyone as good as possible informed, but with this topic having a strong private/personal aspect I won't go into detail about it in public.



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