[Bf-committers] Is there a plan for custom Passes/AOV rendering?

David Fenner d4vidfenner at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 15:48:26 CEST 2016

I completely agree, I've also been trying to make this happen since the
brecht days, and in fact I'm doing just what you are: Override per
RenderLayer with RGB material, and yes, build time repeats for each render
layer. It also sucks because you kill displacement, transparency, and other
effects since it is a material override. I can't emphazise enough the
importance of this feature; Cycles is very powerful, but this ss like a
bottleneck in the very end.

2016-08-17 5:57 GMT-03:00 lukas.stockner at freenet.de <
lukas.stockner at freenet.de>:

> Hi,
> for lots of ID masks, you might be interested in
> https://developer.blender.org/D2106, which basically allows to create
> masks for any ID from the compositor, even with weights to account for
> DoF/transparency.
> In general, adding custom render passes is currently not possible due to a
> lot of limitations in the renderpass system - every pass is a bit in a
> 32bit mask amd has a hardcoded name etc.Replacing this with a more flexible
> system that allows custom render passes, render passes for external
> renderers etc. is something that I'd like to for Blender 2.8 - I'll write a
> proposal as soon as I'm done with the denoising project.
> ------ Originalnachricht------Von: Thomas Volkmann Datum: Mi., 17. Aug.
> 2016 10:42An: bf-blender developers;Cc: Betreff:[Bf-committers] Is there a
> plan for custom Passes/AOV rendering?
> Hi, I need to create a couple of RGB masks. At the moment I create a new
> renderlayerwith an override rgb material (Obj-ID decides if R,G,B, or
> black). Since I havea couple of objects, I end up with a lot of
> renderlayers, which makes therendering process longer. In Vray there is the
> multimatte-element channel thatyou can use for that and in Arnold you can
> freely setup your aovs (passes,channels, whatever it is called in different
> software).Also my scene is quite heavy so it takes a long while to load the
> scene over andover again for each renderlayer, while with custom aovs the
> scene would justload once and do the sampling just once. Basically this
> could easily save me 40%of the rendertime right now. R5155| Fra:1141
> Mem:2223.97M (0.00M, Peak 9056.63M) | Time:01:42:22.38 |Compositing |
> De-initializing executionR5156| Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_
> cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\sc06_sh0070\v002\Main.1141.exrR5157|
> Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\
> sc06_sh0070\v002\AO.1141.exrR5158| Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_
> cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\sc06_sh0070\v002\ObID.1141.exrR5159|
> Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\
> sc06_sh0070\v002\Mist.1141.exrR5160| Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_
> cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\sc06_sh0070\v002\Paint.1141.exrR5161|
> Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\
> sc06_sh0070\v002\Texture.1141.exrR5162| Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_
> cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\sc06_sh0070\v002\Depth.1141.exrR5163|
> Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\
> sc06_sh0070\v002\MME01.1141.exrR5164| Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_
> cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\sc06_sh0070\v002\MME02.1141.exrR5165|
> Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\
> sc06_sh0070\v002\MME03.1141.exrR5166| Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_
> cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\sc06_sh0070\v002\MME04.1141.exrR5167|
> Saved:\\ifs\fs\projects\our_cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\
> sc06_sh0070\v002\MME05.1141.exrR5168| Fra:1141 Mem:1844.28M (0.00M, Peak
> 9056.63M) | Time:01:42:28.08 | Sce:Scene Ve:0 Fa:0 La:0R5169|
> Saved:'\\ifs\fs\projects\our_cool_project\_render\3D\ep02\
> sc06_sh0070\v002\ep02_sc06_sh0070.1141.exr'R5170| Time: 01:42:30.73
> (Saving: 00:02.64)While it is quite cool to use Blender in production, this
> is a big bummer. Andthat I have to funnel all renderlayers through the
> compositor without being ableto submit just a single renderlayer to the
> renderfarm is actually a showstopperand I am glad that I'm doing it only
> for one shot right now.I've been complaining about this for a long time now
> and wrote this to the 2.8proposals page https://wiki.blender.org/
> index.php/User:Knekke/renderoutput , butit was rejected.I really really
> hope this gets some love in 2.8 with a new renderlayer system. And please
> add real support for UNC paths. You can trick Blender in accepting aUNC
> location as output path, but it is annoying really.  All the
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