[Bf-committers] Current state of Blender's user experience

hewi jupama hewi at jupama.org
Thu Apr 28 13:59:26 CEST 2016


I promised myself not to post before I got "things done", but it is stronger than me

>> Blender is "a bit different" and breaks some conventions

That is why they are called conventions, so people would or should not break them.  Conventions should not be broken!

>> changes to the usual ways of doing stuff, but I think that is also where lies its biggest strength.

Deciding to make the **** click to select, really slows users down.  Not only beginners, but also more experienced users.  This is not a strength :(

>> Ordered by Rating:

>> ------------------------------------------

>> 1.

>> 2. UI does not comply to industry quasi standards.

>> 3.

>> 4.

Mmmmmh, maybe you should stick to conventions and usual ways of doing things.

>> with too many inactive stakeholders and not enough active contributors.

However dedicated and passionate I am about blender and it's code, however much I would like to 'be bored to bits on this desolated island and finally have nothing else to do but stamp code', however much I would like to get ideas and my support out there, however much I would really want to finally commit my first bug fix, ... inevitably and unfortunately it is very hard to combine with full time personal/professional life (and the many other projects).  Just to say that, even though sometimes we are silent and seemingly inactive, we are still actively contributing (even though maybe not in hard code) :)

>> It's Ton, not Tom. ;)




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