[Bf-committers] Big Blender User!!

homac homac at strace.org
Mon Apr 18 20:27:51 CEST 2016

Hello Stephen!

There are so many different formats, Blender could adapt to if they just 
had enough developers to do it. I'm neither affiliated nor associated to 
Blender Foundation but I understand, that it is not a non-profit 
organisation, even though they provide their main product free of 
charge. So, if you urgently need a specific functionality, and you feel 
like there are more people who could use it, then I'd recommend to 
organise a funding to get it done.

To Blender people: Is there a way to request and fund for a specific 

Kind regards
  Holger Machens

On 15.04.2016 21:00, Stephen Keeling wrote:
> My name is Stephen and I use Blender every day for personal use and business. I love Blender's open interface and customization that is available. The one thing I really am hoping to see every day is an add on or system update that supports exporting or saving my blend file into a PSD instead of tiff or jpg or png. Adding a Photoshop add on or system update would be extremely helpful!!!! For my business, I normally need to convert every project into CMYK for print and that is where the colors of the RGB jpg are really screwed up and I spend hours recoloring my entire Blender creation. Creating a PSD export would bypass all of this time and would help when trying to print any creation made in Blender.
> Thank you for your time and please consider this simple add-on!!!!!! 		 	   		
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