[Bf-committers] Blender 2.8 and OpenGL version

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the answers

If we remove things like a simple draw_line and need VBO and shaders, any simple add-on gets complex. Maybe a library with primitives (line, polygon, set color,...) could help a lot and create a standard API.

And about matrix, are we going to use GLM?

PS: Something really useful for Python (not related to OpenGL) is to have a IMMUTABLE object identifier.

Add an identifier would be as simple as add 1 to any arbitrary number. It's not necessary keep a sequence...the problem is if you link files...you can get conflicts, so the best idea could be use something like GUIDs.

In database design, the unique identifier must keep equal all the time, and in Blender you must get objects by name, and this name can change, so a lot of functions would be possible if we add a simple integer immutable value for each object.

Maybe, now you have already this, but I have never seen this identifier.


From: Mike Erwin 
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Hi Antonio,
Yes to 1) and 2) for sure. 3) I have not thought of deeply, but it seems to
follow from 1 and 2. The underlying context will be GL 3.2 core.

Because we'll be targeting OpenGL 3.2 core profile, lots of older but
convenient functions / techniques will not be available. Matrix stack,
batch rendering, etc. So we'll be replacing those as needed, coming up with
some (hopefully) nice abstractions that fit exactly what we need. What
would be helpful from a Python GL point of view?

Mike Erwin
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On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 11:30 AM, Blendergit <blendergit at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Only to be sure about Blender 2.8 and OpenGL version.
> 1) Blender 2.8 will be >= OpenGL 3.2.
> 2) All Blender code using old OpenGL version must be migrated (if the
> module is not removed or recoded).
> 3) All add-ons using OpenGL must be updated to >= OpenGL 3.2.
> I need to be sure about that because I have several popular add-ons using
> OpenGL and some ideas to improve grease pencil, so OpenGL 3.2provides a
> wide new range of tools.
> Thanks,
> Antonio Vazquez
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