[Bf-committers] Revisions for 2.77a

Martin Felke martin.felke at t-online.de
Fri Apr 1 18:04:43 CEST 2016

Am Freitag, den 25.03.2016, 12:23 +0100 schrieb Sergey Sharybin:
> Hey,
> We'll be doing corrective release quite soon, so let's start collecting
> commits for it. Here's current list:
> 9777c5b..7219988
> 6aeb1f7    Joshua Leung    Fix: "pchan_name" field in SDNA for names of
> bone targets for drivers was too short             ????
> 8238f5b    Campbell Barton    Fix T47868: Check Box shape doesn't scale
>         ????
> a0a66e0    Campbell Barton    Correct strange icon scaling in preferences
>           ????
> 72bf5d1    Campbell Barton    Fix for non spot lamps calculating spot
> values             ????
> fb5c633    Campbell Barton    GPU: avoid redundant logic for non-spot lamps
>             ????
> f4840e8    Campbell Barton    Fix T47848: Fix regression in sequencer GL
> render
> 112300a    Campbell Barton    Fix T47862: VSE hard cut fails
> 0f63ce6    Bassam Kurdali    Fix add mesh template             ????
> 3b5dec4    Campbell Barton    Fix T47882: startup camera not upright
>       ????
> e2181c2    Lukas Tönne    Fix for crash of point density textures due to
> undefined `point_data` on loading.
> 0f1d711    Campbell Barton    Fix T47830: Multi-edit w/ ui-list wont
> highlight
> 46dd04f    Campbell Barton    Fix incorrect strncat use
> 0f501a7    Campbell Barton    Fix T47890: Vertex mask w/ subsurf select
> fails             ????
> 6e31f4f    Campbell Barton    Fix T47893: BGE crashes w/ generated mesh
> data
> 21f31e6    Sergey Sharybin    Fix T47856: Cycles problem when running from
> multi-byte path             ???? (or just add PyErr_Clear() to
> ccl::PyC_UnicodeAsByte)
> c87e655    Joshua Leung    Fix T47833: View-aligned GPencil strokes move in
> crazyspace when grabbed             ????
> 376eb77    Campbell Barton    Fix T47900: VSE adjustment crashes on blank
> frame
> 0a3792a    Campbell Barton    Fix T47900: VSE adjustment crashes on blank
> frame
> 75849b0    Campbell Barton    Fix T47838: Walk gravity fails w/
> intersecting objects
> f209529    Campbell Barton    Fix T47910: Knife project fails
> ????
> 2c3985d    Philipp Oeser    Fix T47842: UV sculpt brush widgets are
> available when not in uv sculpt mode.
> 7219988    Bastien Montagne    Revert "Fix T47263: numpad4/6 rotates around
> worl Z axis and not view Y axis."
> ba7c788    Sergey Sharybin    Cycles: Use dedicated BVH for subsurface ray
> casting
> 6bfd88a    Brecht Van Lommel    Fix T47670: cycles GLSL incorrect normal
> map node.
> 002deb2    Brecht Van Lommel    Fix T47670: cycles GLSL incorrect layer
> weight / fresnel.
> Any feedback?

Hi, this fix

e14324daa72f Brecht Van Lommel Fix T47758: rigidbody bug with constraint
breaking and disable collisions.

should be added to 2.77a as well.

Thanks !

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