[Bf-committers] Hi, Blender developers

jinseok park jinseok.park at effettidigitali.it
Tue Oct 27 09:32:41 CET 2015

Hi, Developers! 

I'm Jinseok Park, responsible in 3d department of EDI visual FX Milan, Italy. 
I have been this year's Blender conference, and it was exciting experience for me. 
I would like to thank so much for developers and Blender foundation for your fantastic software. 

In these one and half years, we tested Blender as a main and generic 3d software in our pipeline. 
We also use other software, like Maya for generic use and Houdini for FX. And we have nuke in compositing pipeline. 
As we are a small-medium sized VFX studio, we didn't want make too complicated and expensive pipeline like big studios. 
So we decided to test Blender, because we noticed that Blender makes fantastic results and have so many interesting features. 

And here is our one and half year's result: 

Blender reel 
https://www.effettidigitali. it/video/2015_reel_blender_ amsterdam.mp4 

All 3d stuffs are rendered in Blender(cycles) and some 3d stuffs are entirely done in Blender. 

and our Generic reel is here. 
http://www.effettidigitali.it/ cms/204-elenco-showreel/1637- showreel-2015 

In our test, Blender was as nice as other expensive commercial software and I think Blender could be a strong competitor in professional use in visual FX industry with some improvements. 

In some reasons I couldn't be in Blender Developers Q&A in Sunday, I would like to leave you some issues that we meet in our productions using Blender. 
Maybe our feedback could help you to understand the needs from visual fx industry. 

1. Alembic! 

Alembic support is our number 1 priority feature for us, because we need to communicate other 3d and compositing software like houdini, maya and nuke in our pipeline. 
I think Alembic is the best format to exchange data between 3d or 2d software because it is very stable, light and compatible. and it is opensource too! 
And I really wanted you to ask when can we have official alembic support. Can you reply us? 

2. Improvements import/export functions 
There are some bugs importing and exporting formats. for examples, when import fbx with camera animation from nuke, the animation starts from frame 2 not 1. 

3. More detailed render pass options 

Actually it is only on and off. If we have more options will be better. More controls Ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing on and off for object and material id ecc.... 

4. Override everything based on render layer 
It is fantastic Maya's function, override every parameters based on render layer. for example, material override specific object, render sampling override ecc.. 

5. Outliner improvement 
Outliner is a little bit uncomfortable to manage objects. selection, deleting, grouping is not so much intuitive. 

6. Material editor 
Overlooking all materials in a specific window will be better to manage materials. 

7. Light linking features in Cycles. 
Will be fantastic for lighting. 

8. Multi objects controls 
In Blender it is not to easy controlling massive objects for detailed options, for examples controlling ray visibility for tons of objects was impossible for us(maybe it is). 
Maya have spread sheet of almost all parameters for all selected object. if Blender have that kind of window, will be nice. 

In any way, Blender was very nice tool for our purpose, and we would like to continue work with it. 

So, many thanks again to developers and foundation, and I really want to see new blender 2.8 as soon as possible ;) 


Jinseok Park 

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