[Bf-committers] OpenSubdiv with Blender local builds

Nkansah Rexford nkansahrexford at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 18:21:53 CET 2015

I enabled OpenSubdiv when trying to build blender locally. Complains of
missing opensubdiv directory not found in cmake-gui. I couldn't locate any
package in ubuntu ppa specific for opensubdiv.

To enable opensubdiv for local builds, should I build opensubdiv using
this[1] and then include it as directory to cmake for building blender for
the missing opensubdiv directory?

Or there's another way?

1. https://github.com/PixarAnimationStudios/OpenSubdiv

+Rexford <http://google.com/+Nkansahrexford> | khophi.co

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