[Bf-committers] Node Groups and PyNodes

Alexander Romanov a.romanov at blend4web.com
Fri Oct 16 10:07:42 CEST 2015

HiIsaac! When Iresearchedthenode groupsin the C-code I founda lotof 
hardcoded native nodetree types names.Ithink making genericnode groups 
is potentially possible, but it seemsit will requirea lotof refactoring. 
Also, I know one example that uses PyNodes. Sverchoknode 
groupsarecreated viaPython, but their behaviordiffers from the 
nativenodes behavior. This problem is very actual for Blend4Web as well.

On 16.10.2015 02:16, Isaac Weaver wrote:
> Hi, I'm working on an addon that utilizes PyNodes, and I'm wondering if it
> would be possible for a developer to expose group nodes to the python API.
> Maybe they could be a generic node type like the NodeFrame or NodeReroute?
> According to a comment in the file
> "/source/blender/editors/space_node/node_group.c":
> /* Group operators only defined for standard node tree types.
>>   * Disabled otherwise to allow pynodes define their own operators
>>   * with same keymap.
> ​ ​
>> */
> Is there some way that it could be optional? Perhaps a setting or a
> function on the NodeTree class?
> I think I speak for a lot of addon developers when I say that it would be a
> very appreciated feature :D
> Thanks,
> ~ Isaac
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