[Bf-committers] Blender 2.76 RELEASE AHOY!

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 01:45:51 CEST 2015

On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 at 11:16 PM, Sergey Sharybin <sergey.vfx at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> After 3 Release Candidates we'are finally ready for the final 2.76 release!
> Information for platform maintainers:
> - Branch: blender-v2.76-release
> - Branch hash: a3cf9c54d8a000c757a0ee33a399f7a8e2a31120
> - Locale hash: fd35c7b0d55c59a7dfacc19ed1247379ff8ba049
> - Addons hash: 4e5235fdd424ab132f1414d0bd2c4be42d03a72f
> Suggested name: blender-2.76-<platform>
> Place builds to usual location and let me know when they're up.
> Thanks everyone who worked on this release!
> --
> With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

For reference, this is the list of commits included since RC3

range: fabde2ab43e105f88b552561b077ea06672e6245..b54447c0eb12d78cd1282db4cb3fb49a9be13b78

4aad17c (Campbell Barton): Use PyThreadState_GetDict, avoid Python internals
22ec991 (Bastien Montagne): Fix T46331: File open does not show
thumbnails, when a filter_glob is provided by python scripts.
83a94cb (Joshua Leung): Fix T46321: 3D view not refreshed immediatelly
after pasting keyframe in dope sheet (for a single channel)
0f43fbc (Bastien Montagne): Fix T46339: Edge sliding when there is
only one vertex in the mesh crashes blender.
29c2a64 (Porteries Tristan): BGE: Fix T46302: abort call for
unnormalized quaterions.
9ad829d (Sergey Sharybin): Cycles: Correction to point density with
particle source and world mapping
550527b (Lukas Tönne): Fix memory leak in compositor code with RGB curve nodes.
5443d41 (Bastien Montagne): InstallDeps: Fix broken OSL (would not
generate valid default names for its .oso pre-compiled files).
c919ce3 (Bastien Montagne): Fix (unreported) broken export of
timecodes in SubRip VSE exporter.
f2499b6 (Bastien Montagne): Fix T46368: Subtitle Export: Subtitles are
not sorted by time.
fccb14b (Brecht Van Lommel): CMake: detect OS X 10.11 / Xcode 7.
8e08c50 (Brecht Van Lommel): Fix T46305: normal map display issues in
viewport when using VBOs.
1a65289 (Sergey Sharybin): Fix T46358: Cycles point density uses
repeat extension type
d784568 (Sergey Sharybin): Cycles: Fix missing z-coordinate check in
volume sampling
2a2e127 (Sergey Sharybin): Cycles: Remove redundant coordinate
clipping in voxel SVM node
91f1886 (Sergey Sharybin): Fix T46352: Cycles fails to render when
material contains UV mapped texture as volume input
5740817 (Sergey Sharybin): SCons: Support compilation with 10.11 SK on OS X
413036b (Sergey Sharybin): Fix T46377: No python executable in 2.76
rc3 distribution for OSX
776a98f (Sergey Sharybin): Fix T46354: Curve Modifier does not update
(new Dependency graph)
93fa359 (Campbell Barton): Fix T46375: Inverted scroll in node template menus
a451c48 (Campbell Barton): Cleanup: warning
90b925f (Campbell Barton): Fix T46333: Particle Info Node broken w/ BI
65bd2a6 (Campbell Barton): Fix T46389: Shrinkwrap fails in editmode
dded01a (Bastien Montagne): Fix T46392: Navmesh generator error.
64aaf0c (Sergey Sharybin): Fix T46390: Sound sequencer API doesnt'
work when built with SCons
f834cb0 (Bastien Montagne): Fix FileBrowser: do not show 'advanced
filter' panel outside of lib browsing context, it’s only used there so
f456c8d (Campbell Barton): Fix game-property use-after-free error
68797ed (Campbell Barton): Fix mesh validate: 'r_changed' ignored loop edits
077b4ab (Mitchell Stokes): Fix T45886:
cont.deactivate(ActionActuatorInPropertyMode) does not work
e4e8e35 (Campbell Barton): BMesh: maintain select-history when sorting
0e290d7 (Campbell Barton): Fix T46401: bad step size w/ radians
0a3c342 (Campbell Barton): Fix T46410: VSE Mask ignores animated properties
ac09800 (Sergey Sharybin): Cycles: Fix for point density always using
render settings for modifiers
8d108db (Sergey Sharybin): Fix T46405: Cycles point density missing
update when modifying source object
9fdc3ab (Bastien Montagne): Fix bplayer (c)
fca1d14 (Sergey Sharybin): Cycles: Fix wrong float3->float3 conversion node
1730c36 (Sergey Sharybin): Fix T46406: Cycles ignores default socket
value associated with group socket
afeca63 (Joshua Leung): Fix: "Tweak user" red-alert flag was not
getting set on strips on active track resized when neighbouring strips
fb5328d (Joshua Leung): Fix: Do not show "Paste Flipped" in the Dope
Sheet's Grease Pencil mode
7083423 (Sergey Sharybin): Fix T46407: Enabling OSL breaks Vector Transform node
103e38c (Brecht Van Lommel): Fix T46415: empty node group in GLSL
shader has incorrect socket type conversion.
e9b9b88 (Campbell Barton): Fix leak creating 'empty' looptri bvh tree
ff7effd (Campbell Barton): Correct own error in editmesh bvh
c800570 (Bastien Montagne): Fix T46420: Segfault when instancing smoke domain.

- Campbell

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