[Bf-committers] UDIM workflow for 2.8

Kanishk Chouhan kanishk2391 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 18:13:20 CET 2015

Heyy guys I dont know if this is already in the todo list for 2.8 project
or not
But would be really nice if we can have UDIM texturing workflow for Blender
All other major texturing packages(Zbrush,Mudbox,Mari) let u paint on
multiple uv tiles
Even the rendering is fast with UDIMs. I mean a single 16k texture takes
much longer to render than 4X4K texture maps split across tiles
I am a Maya user and in Maya, it seems to speed up the render times with
Mental ray and Arnold and I assume it is gonna speed things up in cycles too
Also, It lets you add more details to your texture. Right now in blender
you hit a certain limit beyond which u cannot paint a texture map. UDIM
should be able to solve this issue as well.

Not too sure if pTex is going to be the industry standard but yes UDIMs are
used everywhere.

You can refer to this article on fxguide related to it
Just for an example here is a video showcasing around 60 tiles used for
texturing the game of thrones dragon - https://vimeo.com/139651851 at 04:55

I guess you guys are familiar with this thing already...
Hope to see it integrated in Blender soon :)
And yes you devs rock!!!! ;)

Kanishk Chouhan

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