[Bf-committers] New modifier: Reduced order shape optimization using offset surfaces

Antony Riakiotakis kalast at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 08:53:25 CET 2015

Hi Lukas,

First of all, wishing you success with your thesis.

Blender is open source as you know so everyone can hack on it.
That said, there is no C/C++ based plugin system and our python does
not support modifiers yet, though perhaps in the future you might be
able to write some modifier-like node-based plugin probably. This
currently leaves you with one option for the implementation, write it
within blender,s source tree.

Under those restrictions, the only "agreement" needed is that if you
plan to distribute this, you would have to do it under a GPL compliant
licence. Notice that "distribute" is the keyword here, nothing stops
you from having an in-house closed source implementation.

If you plan to integrate this on core blender, it just needs agreement
from the modifier system maintainers (that would be Campbell or Brecht
I think?). Also you need to make sure that the system uses blender's
interaction paradigms, adhere to our coding style guidelines, and it
would be good if you had people who want to use this demonstrate its
usefulness. Functionality looks a bit like the solidify modifier, so
you need to expand on the advantages your system will have over that.

That's my 2c for now.

On 15/11/2015, Lukas Gersthofer <lukasgersthofer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all.
> My name is Lukas and I'm from Vienna, Austria. I'm studying Visual
> Computing at the Vienna University of Technology and I'm going to work on
> my Bachelor thesis this term. It's about implementing and distributing the
> following paper as a blender plugin:
> https://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/research/publications/2015/musialski-2015-souos/
> My supervisor (the main author of the paper, Przemyslaw Musialski) wants me
> to implement it as a modifier (like Laplacian Deform).
> I will use two external libraries:
>  - Eigen 3.2.7        http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/
>  - libigl 1.2.1          http://libigl.github.io/libigl/
> Both libs are licensed under the MPL2.
> And there comes my question:
> Do you agree with the development of this new modifier?
> I hope you do :)
> --
> with kind regards
> Lukas Gersthofer
> Vienna University of Technology
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