[Bf-committers] New modifier: Reduced order shape optimization using offset surfaces

Lukas Gersthofer lukasgersthofer at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 11:50:01 CET 2015

Hi all.

My name is Lukas and I'm from Vienna, Austria. I'm studying Visual
Computing at the Vienna University of Technology and I'm going to work on
my Bachelor thesis this term. It's about implementing and distributing the
following paper as a blender plugin:

My supervisor (the main author of the paper, Przemyslaw Musialski) wants me
to implement it as a modifier (like Laplacian Deform).

I will use two external libraries:
 - Eigen 3.2.7        http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/
 - libigl 1.2.1          http://libigl.github.io/libigl/

Both libs are licensed under the MPL2.

And there comes my question:
Do you agree with the development of this new modifier?
I hope you do :)

with kind regards

Lukas Gersthofer
Vienna University of Technology

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