[Bf-committers] Text editor patch ideas

Diego Gangl dnicolas at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 16:49:59 CET 2015

Hey Campbell,

Thanks for replying. I'll try to tackle those bugs too.

> 2) auto-add braces/quotes etc...
> Would rather not, to work well it needs to be context sensitive,
> (disabled in comments/strings for eg).

Wouldn't you always want a closing parenthesis or brace, even when you're
typing normal text?

> 7). Scroll Offset
> Seems fine, though we could just pick a good default (~4 lines).

Using a default sounds good.

> 8) Custom mono font
> We have an interface font preference already,
> so as long as this isn't causing problems with other users of mono
> fonts (render stamp for eg), it could be ok.

I was thinking of adding a property in preferences and using it in the
drawing code of the text ed,
so it shouldn't affect other users.

Diego Gangl - sinestesia.co

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