[Bf-committers] Introduction and CMake refactoring

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 23:54:42 CET 2015


Today I was on IRC just before the weekly meeting and discussed some issues
regarding the CMake buildsystem. We worked together on creating the issue


Campbell Barton helped me out with a contributor account to allow me to
to blender-staging to implement it. I'll work together with Campbell on the
specifics of the task, and longer-term perhaps work on modernising the
buildsystem in a larger way. If you have any questions about T46725, feel
free to ask. I am subscribed to the mailing list.

For the last 4 years I've been working in mostly personal time on upstream
CMake, shifting it towards interfaces which are target scoped (eg commands
like target_include_directories) instead of directory scoped (eg, commands
like include_directories, which affect all targets in a directory), and
implementing usage-requirements to make it easier to define and maintain
buildsystems with many dependent targets.

For the last 6 years, I've been the maintainer of the Qt model-view
framework and the Qt CMake integration. I've touched many parts of Qt
through my previous job where I worked as a Qt consultant. For some years
prior to and during that time I was also active in KDE, in particular
and kdelibs (now KDE Frameworks).

I'm very familiar with git, mailing lists, reviews, cmake and C++ (and
python, like everyone :) ), but I have quite some learning to do regarding
phabricator, opengl, and 3d modelling generally, so those are the topics
likely to be asking about on IRC.

I've been interested in blender for some time because I would like to learn
more about 3d. I expect the buildsystem work will give me the excuse to
explore the codebase, and then I hope to dig into the interesting features
of blender.




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