[Bf-committers] Updating Colour Configurations

Troy Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 00:19:33 CET 2015

Greetings. There are few things I'd like to re-table after some rather
heated discussions in the past.

This mail is triggered largely by the fact that a large consumer vendor has
now integrated DCI-P3 displays into their entry level computers.

This would mean that Blender's default configurations will fail miserably
on them.

I'm willing to repair the configurations, assuming we can agree on the

1) To remove the ACES configurations. They are old, hacked, and going to
mislead people via the name "ACES" to imply that they are canonized
2) To add in the proper transforms for the default iMac P3 displays.
3) To revisit the idea that we should be colour managing the entire UI, as
icons and other bits now will look odder.
4) Revisit the hard coded Cycles sRGB muckery and focus on fixing it.


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