[Bf-committers] Opensubdiv and catmull-clark again

Nahuel Belich casillapforos at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Nov 5 13:33:44 CET 2015

intersting, in that case, as a modeler i would prefer the open subv result, however i didnt model that much using it, the performance its much much better, but the shading its "weird" or not accurate on most cases. . .  i need to test it more to shape an opinion
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     El Jueves, 5 de noviembre, 2015 5:09:30, Yury Baranov <cucumberer at gmail.com> escribió:

 Hi. I just mentioned that Blender's subdivision surface is acting a little
bit different than opensubdiv. It's noticable when using creases on
geometry like this: http://puu.sh/la3Xw/3c06b8b687.png
Blender's catmull-clark subdivs: http://puu.sh/la3ZJ/a5f8ce2ddf.png
Opensubdiv: http://puu.sh/la40E/529b72bec5.png

Looks like Blender's Catmull-Clark subdivs are not Catmull-Clark subdivs...
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