[Bf-committers] Data Structure Changes

David Lewis David.M.Lewis.166 at nd.edu
Sun Nov 1 04:28:55 CET 2015

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the advice a while back on what to edit within the code. I like
the idea of making the name generation algorithm more efficient. We are
doing a lot of things in class based on what is more efficient (consume
less memory and less time). Where would I find the name generation

Thank you,

On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 4:34 PM, matmenu <matmenu at live.fr> wrote:

> Hey,
> To start small, maybe the name generation algorithm? When you (or a
> script) create a new object in a scene containing thousands of them, it
> start to become exponentially slow (object.0001 to object.1999 takes
> 10sec but to object.3000 it takes 3 minutes for example) . If you can
> come up with a better solution for this, it would be great. A bigger
> step would be a solution to Blender slow downs in scene with many
> objects. Modern hardware made it theoretically possible to manage such
> scenes. But we are bound to workarounds at the moment (split in many
> files and link, use particle instantiation up to blender's 10 000 000
> limit which is far from hardware limitation, etc...). Especially in a
> node based Blender, it can become an even bigger issue really fast.
> Regards,
> Mat
> Am 13/10/2015 um 16:38 schrieb David Lewis:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I've been looking through some of the problems on the work board that
> could
> > be fixed or things that could be improved. While most look like problems
> > that could be solved, off the top of anyone's head, is there a problem
> that
> > could be fixed or improved using a data structures, different sorting
> > method, different searching method, etc...? Preferably using C/C++
> >
> > -David
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