[Bf-committers] Playback of 25% Proxies is slower than with 50%

Björn Sonnenschein green at unitybox.de
Thu May 21 17:27:01 CEST 2015

Hello all!

While I was trying to edit a multicamera recording of a concert, I faced an unexpected behaviour:

There were four shots in the timeline and for each one there was, beneath a preview window set to channel 0, a separate preview window set to show only the clip's channel.

It is known that the sequencer doesn't utilize multithreading so that the simultaneous playback of the four tracks turned out really slow (apprx. 8 fps) even with 50% proxies.
So decided to use 25% proxies, but surprisingly those played back with less than 3 fps!

Is that an expected behaviour in any way or should I submit a proper bug report regarding this issue?

In addition, there seems to be an frameshift when switching between proxies and full-res preview, so the proxies seem to be out of sync in some way?

best regards,

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