[Bf-committers] Generic Drag&drop for Blender?

Jambay Jambay at cox.net
Sat May 16 18:01:06 CEST 2015

Not that I have a clue, but, Drag-Drop could replace import... at least.

Would be nice for textures too, but think that's too complcated.

No, not volunteering, just commenting.

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Subject: [Bf-committers] Generic Drag&drop for Blender?

> Hi;
> Last week i accidentally stumbled into this idea of creating
> a generic drag&drop support for Blender. But after a couple
> of days and many complaints it is just not so 100 percent
> clear how a generic drag&drop feature can be useful and
> how it should be implemented in a reasonable way.
> So after a short discussion on the #blendercoders IRC campbell
> suggested to step back a bit and ask for more detailed use cases
> for such a feature.
> So, if you are interested in having generic drag&drop feature
> added to Blender then please feel free to add your ideas and
> opinions and practical use cases to the task
>     https://developer.blender.org/T44670
> As i mentioned above, i stumbled accidentally into this while i was
> playing with drag and drop after the idea was mentioned in irc
> about a week ago. i did not plan to make all of this. it just happened
> somehow. And please feel free to grab the task if you like.
> It is vacant at the moment ;-)
> thanks
> -gaia-
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