[Bf-committers] Shapekeys and linked models

Juan juan.g71 at gmail.com
Fri May 15 00:56:41 CEST 2015

Hi there! I'm looking for some feedback regarding the following issue. 

Background  : 

Character_a is kept in file_a. A scene is created and saved as file_b,
and character_a is linked to that file/scene. In that scene, a proxy of
character_a's armature is created, and now new actions can be applied
to the proxied armature. It's also possible to link standard/reusable
actions and apply them to the proxied armature. 

So, it's easy to keep modelling and animation separated, apply reusable
armature actions, tweak layered actions in the current scene, etc. So
far, so good! 

What I think might come handy is the ability to use a similar workflow
for shapekeys. 

That is, if you have a linked character, it should be possible to apply
new shapekeys to it, without adding the shapekeys to the character's
mesh in the character's own file, but rather create the new shapekeys
in the scene file.

The main reason for such a feature is that sometimes meshes need
tweakings/corrective shapekeys that can only be created when you are
inside a particular scene and can see/use the rest of the scene as

If there's already a way to do this and I failed to find it, I
profusely apologize =) 

If not, I'm wondering if something like what I described can be done
using the python API? My guess is no, the only way to temporary modify
the mesh(vertices' positions) of a linked object is to access some
data structures that are not exposed to the python API but can only be
accessed through Blender's C code? 


ps: yes, Blender is amazing! Congrats!

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