[Bf-committers] General purpose icons for Blender Addons?

matmenu matmenu at live.fr
Fri May 8 22:25:03 CEST 2015

Good Idea, but better would be custom icons. As you said, every addon 
has it's own need. Using one icon for different purpose is really 
disturbing for the user. I can't believe we have volumetrics and SSS and 
can't load an external png file for custom icons in 2015.

Le 08/05/2015 17:00, Ines Almeida a écrit :
> I believe this is totally worth discussion too :)
> My comments:
> - WARN (in addition to INFO and ERROR)  - seems good, though I would
> associate the yellow triangle we already have with 'WARN' and something
> more red with 'ERROR'
> - RESET (Reset to defaults)  - is FILE_REFRESH not good for this?
> - DOCUMENT (manual/wiki/online doc...) - what about URL ? there are also
> multiple icons for file types (eg text)
> - DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD seem important to me as well
> - all the others I don't have a strong opinion pro or against
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