[Bf-committers] list veiw vs outliner functionality

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Sun Mar 29 18:10:14 CEST 2015

I just saw one of the feature videos for 2.74.
Listview was extended in particles properties to enable toggles for view and
list view also got a lot of other features recently, like alphabetical 
sorting, searching e.t.c.

While this kind of features are of course very usefull and everybody is 
gratefull for them, because artists do really need them, there is something 
behind this patch that made me worried about the design part of it. 

The new toggles are there basically so that the user doesn't have to switch 
to modifiers to switch off the particles. As with the other features 
mentioned, the newly added features basically duplicate outliner 
It's something list view was since the beginning - a small outliner inside 
the property window. 

So the question is, why isn't all this functionality inside the outliner 
Something where you could see modifers, various vertex/edge groups,particle 
systems e.t.c. directly inside the outliner.

Then, the space of the UI would be more optimally used, and there would be 
no need for such workarounds.

Kind regards

Vilem N.
developer of Blender CAM

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