[Bf-committers] Tool's default parameters.

Eugene Minov minov.eug at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 14:07:54 CET 2015

Hi I have a question.
There's some settings in blender (checkboxes, edits, etc..) which states do
not remembers after blender restart and resets to some hard-coded defaults
(non-changeable even by "Save User Settings" button).
For example:
- Transform Orientations
    Create Orientation: (Use after creation, Overwrite previous, ...)
- All Add Mesh, Curves, etc.. parameters, like radius, size and so on.
- All Tools in edit mode like: Inset, Bevel, Extrude, etc..

Personally I would love to have a way to, for example, set 'Overwrite
previous' parameter of 'Create Orientation' tool by default. I use custom
orientations very often and after a hour of work I end up with a bunch of
Edge01, Edge02, ... Face01, Face02. Not that it is a problem but still,
visually unpleasant.

Also there's situations where I need create another sphere or cylinder with
some precise radius and radius remembers for second created primitive. But
after blender restart that radius resets..
Same with 'Inset' tool and other similar edit mode tools.

So my question. Is this behavior should be considered as a bug or a feature?
And how hard it'll be to implement those defaults someday?


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