[Bf-committers] Server updates and short downtime

Dan McGrath danmcgrath.ca at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 13:01:40 CET 2015

Heyo \o

Ok, so gonna update koro today. This will mean some short downtime while
services are restarted in the respective jails, as well as about 10 to 20
minutes of downtime for everything during the host update and reboot.

Services affected will be:

  - git
  - svn
  - wiki
  - phabricator
  - cloud
  - store
  - buildbot

If you are connected to any of these services as databases and webservices
are updated and restarted, you may loose connections (ie: downloads) or get
logged out etc.

If things go horribly horribly wrong, DON'T PANIC! I will be long gone to
Mexico before you will know what happened ;)

Dan o/

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