[Bf-committers] Viewport GL background

Jeffrey italic.rendezvous at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 01:36:27 CET 2015

Hey devs. It occurred to me today that while in Cycles mode, it is 
impossible to render a viewport playblast using the world background 
(even with "World Background" and "Only Rendered" enabled in the display 
properties). This is possible in BI, as shown in [1]. Currently, the 
viewport only renders as transparent, which is then rendered black in 
any standard video format. I also disabled transparency in the Cycles 
"film" settings, but that also does not show the world color.

My use case is when I do animatics in grease pencil, where I have a 
solid world background and draw in line. I then do a viewport playblast 
into quicktime h.264 with audio and everything works like I need to, 
with the exception of the viewport background.

It would be great to include this option in Cycles mode, too, for the 
sake of continuity and completeness. Thanks!

[1] http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=85782

Jeffrey "Italic_" Hoover

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