[Bf-committers] File Browser Changes

Andrew Peel dev.andrewpeel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 01:01:27 CET 2015


I just noticed in the 2.74 test build the file browser behaves a little bit
different from 2.73. If you are using filters so it only displays image
files in a thumbnail view the icon that allows users to go to the parent
directory was hidden. Now in 2.74 that icon always appears, and there is no
filter to get rid of it. If someone can point me in the direction on how to
change this back I would appreciate it.

Since I am on the subject of the File Browser I have a few features that I
have wanted to implement but with my limited knowledge of Blenders C/C++
Code I haven’t had much success.

1.       Hide File Extensions – I would like to add a property to the
bpy.types.FileSelectParams called hide_file_extension. This would simply
hide the file extension of the file.

2.       Text Wrapping when Displaying Thumbnails – When you are viewing
files in the thumbnail view only 15-20 characters can be displayed. It
would be nice to have the text wrap so two or maybe three lines of text can
be displayed in this view.

Like I said before I have a limited understanding of how Blenders C/C++
code works, but these seem like simple features I might be able to figure
out if I was pointed in the right direction. If anyone has any information
I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

- Andrew Peel

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