[Bf-committers] Support for native render capabilities in custom render engines through Python API

Evgeny Rodygin evgeny-ar at blend4web.com
Fri Mar 13 16:09:14 CET 2015

Good day!

We have recently proposed a new patch:

It makes it possible to implement some native Blender functionality in 
render engines. For example, this can be helpful if you need some 
specific BGE
interface elements or the Blender Internal Node tree in your render 
Engine. With
this patch it is now possible to define what functionality is needed through
Python API.

This is a very important feature for the Blend4Web team as we need to 
have a custom
render profile with features only supported by our engine. Also, now it 
is sometimes
needed to switch render engines in order to find the required 
functionality. With this
patch one can avoid this hassle.

It would be great if someone will take a look at it.

Best regards from the Blend4Web Team.

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