[Bf-committers] Ideas about Blender !!!!

Isidoro Fernandez isifran at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 16:20:57 CET 2015

My name is Isidoro and I am Graphic Designer and I would like to give some
Ideas about Blender Software.
I am study Blender and I don`t know if I write to the right person and
don`t know if U will read me email, if do I will like to know it

There is no a way for Blender for on Render with Video Card from
AMD???Maybe can do something with Mantle technology and other stuff of AMD.

U can get better the tooltips or create 2 way or more types. Make tooltip
custom. Someone maybe not want to see the code python because don`t know
nothing about Programming in Python and can give some tips that user can
activate or deactivate.

I have more ideas but still I don`t know if someone of the Blender Team
will listen to me.

Sorry for my English, Maybe need more practice :) I am from Havana, Cuba

Greetings and have a nice day
D.I. Isidoro

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