[Bf-committers] remote controll blender renderer renderfarm / queue

Robert Grah smilingmolecule at web.de
Thu Mar 12 11:01:45 CET 2015

Hey there,

I hope this is the right place to ask my question. 
I am searching for some information regarding the communicating with the Blender renderer or Blender in general from other software or scripts.
I am not sure what possibilities I have and what is the best way is to remote control Blender from the outside to let Blender for example manage render tasks.

I discovered so far that I have the following possibilities to communicate with Blender:

Via commandline arguments. (seems very restricted)
Via Python scripts which can be loaded when starting Blender over the command prompt.

Is there more?

I basically want to start understanding the whole render queue / renderfarm thing. So that I maybe can commit code to Sheep-it, Flamenco or Blender for example in the future.
I am also searching for general theories about how to build a render farm infrastructure. What approaches are existing? What solutions are used for the Blender movies.

Maybe someone can point me to good resources about this. I had no real success so far finding good info.

I hope my questions are not to naive.


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