[Bf-committers] What about adding a bcon-debug phase?

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Mon Mar 9 09:24:32 CET 2015

Would it be an idea to add a bcon-debug phase, which is dedicated to
fixing Bugs which are complicated to fix or take long time to fix?

bcon-debug would start right AFTER release and could last until a specific
predefined goal is reached like:

- certain amount of bugs has been fixed,
- a specified set of bugs has been fixed,
- the 2 oldest bugs in the tracker are fixed
- bug count has fallen below a threshold
- ... whatever makes sense here.

Also bcon-debug would be a time where only old reported bugs which
had been reported BEFORE release can be fixed.

If the end of bcon-debug is defined by reaching the goals rather than 
a point in time, then this might be a good motivation for developers to help
getting the bad bugs out of the system as soon as possible, because only 
they can proceed with new shiny stuff ;-)


On 09.03.2015 07:54, Campbell Barton wrote:
> As long as we fix regressions, I don't think another week for fixing
> is needed, its even risky when we have to make big changes for long
> standing bugs right before release [1]

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