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unfortunally I wasn't able to build Blender on my PC for now. (last time
it worked was 2 years ago. Since then I tried it multiple times for a
few days....). So design comes first, I think I have way to less C
knowledge to help coding for such a big project. Maybe later. As you
said it will take a long time to get to an usable state. 

I'm currently thinking about if it is possible to combine modifiers,
mesh creation (something like sverchok?), constraints and other
animation stuff (not simulation!) in one system.I think that are things
that can go hand in hand. My addon is already a bit of a combination of
all these things and it works quite fine. 

Simulation on the other hand is more difficult I guess and I have no
idea how to unify e.g. particle nodes with hair stuff. 

Am 2015-02-28 13:46, schrieb Ton Roosendaal: 

> Hi Jacques,
> A lot of people have seen your work and I heard good things about it. I'd be very interested to work out what you could do on the Blender (C code) side itself for it. Do you propose to design or to code, or both?
> As for the design - we have a modifier system to nodify, including generative modifiers. We have constraints to look at, including all the armature rigging options. We have our particle and hair systems to look at. And we have all the other simulation and animation features in Blender... it's too big to solve in a single project, but it's certainly something I'd like to see people explore designs and develop a good vision for.
> Might well be a project that takes many years and brings us into the next decade in the end :)
> Lukas Toenne is a core dev who already did node-particle tests, and I know he'd love to get focus back on this... but he's doing other things now as well (work on particle hair, sims, alembic). His experience with supporting a high end pipeline for a film will be invaluable for the design later on. For that reason I haven't predicted this project to take off very soon. But could well be starting this summer.
> On the other hand, if you would kickstart it with a design proposal (or code prototype), we can definitely check on it!
> Laters,
> -Ton-
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