[Bf-committers] RFC: "Continuous integration" branch?

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 15:46:07 CET 2015

Users like to use the *best* version of Blender (who can blame them!)
if there is a version with 3+ interesting improvements which will be
in the next release. I'm sure they'll use it, build on graphicall...
Of course anyone can make some patches version of Blender, but if we
have a lot of users running it, it means we get issues with file
versioning, and generally less users running master.
And as I said before, more developers building the staging branch,
less time finishing up master, more time moving onto the next version
before we released this one.

Right -  there is a `blender-next` project, but no good way to collect
all diff's and tasks associated with it. This looks like it may be
getting implemented (Sergey can post on this topic since he's
investigating), even in this case it could be good to have
feature-branches for non-trivial patches so we get to apply the patch
and make any minor changes needed, which we would normally do before
going into master.

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