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Piotr Arlukowicz piotao at polskikursblendera.pl
Tue Mar 3 10:54:28 CET 2015

WOW, that's a long awaited news! Thank you Lucas!!!

what about scons integration? Can I check this out?


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2015-03-02 19:24 GMT+01:00 Lukas Tönne <lukas.toenne at gmail.com>:

> It's about to get real!
> The Gooseberry team would like to start using the new caching system with
> Alembic ASAP. This means that we should make sure Alembic dependencies and
> the library itself can be properly built and linked by Blender. First goal
> is Linux (since we use it in the Blender Institute), but of course it
> should work on all platforms. To avoid confusion i will specify exactly
> which versions we need to use.
> The plan is to first merge the Alembic branch into our gooseberry branch
> for testing and refinement. However, setting up Alembic build systems on
> the official buildbot and release build systems would help avoid future
> problems and smooth out the procedure of merging with master later on.
> As a template for working around build system quirks the usual
> install_deps.sh script is available. This builds the Alembic library on a
> standard Ubuntu 14.10 installation. In addition, it tweaks a couple of
> build files in the Alembic sources in order to disable certain parts that
> have badly defined build scripts (examples, tests) - there may be more
> proper ways of treating these build file issues.
> First a couple of links:
> Official Alembic site:
> http://alembic.io/
> The branch on phabricator:
> https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/B/repository/alembic_pointcache/
> Can be checked out using:
> git clone git://git.blender.org/blender.git -b alembic_pointcache
> The main Alembic section of the install_deps.sh script (see XXX parts ...):
> https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/B/browse/alembic_pointcache/build_files/build_environment/install_deps.sh;1a9c74a3a8fcd4dda3ec2ca09b3fd00e85cb0627$1733
> The Alembic version we use is 1.5.5 (official release), which can be
> checked out using mercurial/hg like so:
> hg clone -u 1_05_05 https://code.google.com/p/alembic/ <target dir>
> The README.txt file in the Alembic source directory mentions the principle
> build procedure and dependencies.
> https://code.google.com/p/alembic/source/browse/README.txt?name=1_05_05
> All of the mandatory dependencies are already part of the standard Blender
> dependencies in their required versions, so no major additions other than
> Alembic itself should be needed. For reference, here are the required
> dependencies of Alembic with their minimum versions (as stated in their
> README) and the current versions installed by Blender's install_deps.sh
> script:
>             Alembic minimum     Blender             Ubuntu 14.10
> Boost       1.44.0              1.51.0
> IlmBase     1.0.3               2.2.0
> HDF5        1.8.9               -----               1.8.12
> OpenEXR     1.7.1               2.2.0
> zlib        (unspecified)       (unspecified)       1.2.8
> HDF5 is entirely optional and can be installed to enable this container
> format for file storage. The branch now uses the Ogawa format by default,
> which seems to have become the new standard backend (and does not need
> additional libraries). The default system version of HDF5 on ubuntu also
> seems to work fine ('libhdf5-7' package).
> Blender itself has 2 new build options:
> WITH_ALEMBIC : Build with Alembic caching support. Currently this is needed
> for the branch to work, otherwise there is no available implementation of
> the cache interface and a number of functions would probably crash trying
> to access a NULL pointer.
> WITH_HDF5 : Optional linking with HDF5. This backend is not used atm, so
> the build option should not be needed.
> New cmake modules FindAlembic.cmake and FindHDF5.cmake have been added to
> simplify setting up library and include paths for Blender builds.
> I would very much appreciate help in ironing out remaining issues and
> getting libraries for OSX and Windows set up.
> Thank you!
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