[Bf-committers] Is the AVI container format (or any of the codecs) which Blender uses proprietary?

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Fri Jul 31 01:48:26 CEST 2015

Hello Everyone,

I have a question about the video container format and codecs which 
Blender uses.

Blender Chairman, Ton Roosendaal suggested I post it here. He said, "I 
think it's a valid question, but it should be discussed and reviewed in 

So here it goes...

Question 1:

Is the AVI *container* format which Blender uses proprietary?

My research suggests that Microsoft's AVI container format is based off 
of the unpatented RIFF format. Further, the U.S. Library of Congress' 
website for digital preservation indicates that Microsoft probably does 
not hold/enforce any license or patent claims on their AVI container format.

However, a Microsoft Community web page says that a commercial software 
developer would need Microsoft's permission to include AVI container 

Question 2:

Are any of the codecs Blender uses with the AVI container, (either for 
importing or saving) encumbered by patents or commercial licenses?

Do I need to be cautious of which codecs are used when importing or 
saving if I want to create and distribute a for-profit video?


Planning for Library of Congress Collections - AVI Container Format

Is the AVI container format free to use for a software application?

RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format)

AVI / RIFF File Specifications


Matthew S.

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