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Jacob Merrill blueprintrandom1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 16:14:12 CEST 2015

That all sounds wonderful, You talk about a PBR render, does this render
have full openGL ES compatibility in mind?

You speak of logic, Did anything ever come from Hive nodes?

I have been working on a soft coded modular system for the game engine to
handle intense logic workflows without causing spaghetti,
however color grouping of logic, and hide by color would make it much more
readable, another thing would be to leave the last noodle highlighted on
top of the other noodles. and colored noodles, (electricians would go crazy
if they only had black wire)

I have been doing research and programming for a open game I intend to sell
to pay for game engine upgrades, and its now on its third rewrite and
aproaching something great. I would appreciate it getting looked over by
the game engine team to see if they like it(and of course you Ton)


here is the game after recent rewrite,
Blender Open Game Project Wrectified
I intend to sell it on steam,

wasd =,move
shift + wasd= alt movr
space = jump
crtl = bring up mouse
ctrl+ click on part= grab part or weapon
right click= aim part or weapon
left click while right click= attempt assembly or fire weapon
R = reload
~ = drop weapon or part

features = modular weapon system, 3d nodal logic assemblies,
in game rigid body assemblies(light version until libNew creates new
physics mesh) , modular actors, and vehicles (not in current version).

PS - who is on the game engine user team?
and may I join?

Thank you for this amazing piece of software, and your time
Jacob Merrill - BluePrintRandom
 Hi all,

(also posted on http://code.blender.org)
This is a proposal for work focus on blender.org for the coming year.

I've written this because we keep missing bigger development targets - we
don't have enough time for larger projects. Instead too much time goes to
releases, bug fixing, reviews, maintenance and support topics. The bug and
patch tracker duties are keeping the best of our developers away from their
own targets.  As a result we then don't have time for design docs, for
planning, logs and in-depth sessions with the module teams, and have no
time for the artists who are involved to make sure we're well aligned and
know what to do. I think everyone has noticed that we're floating too much,
things are not clear. Where are we heading? Who does what, and how do we
decide on things?

So - it's time to act and gather the troops to refocus and get back energy,
to maximize involvement from everyone who's active in blender.org and make
sure Blender can survive for many more years.

----- Blender 2.8 - Workflow release -----

Just like for 2.5, the proposal would be to take a bigger leap to a bigger
release by not releasing for a year. The 2.76 release then would be the
last 'real' version we do until 2.80 somewhere in 2016.

Obviously, for the crucial fixes and smaller (stable) features we can do
update releases 2.77, 2.78 and 2.79.

Topics to finish for 2.8 could be:

- UI work: wrap up Python configurability project, make Workflow based
configuring possible
  Proof of concept: the stripped "Blender 101" for high school kids.
- Viewport project, including a PBR quality engine/editor that could
replace BI and GE render.
- A better designed integration of physics simulation in Blender
- Invite the GE team to rethink game logic editing, to use viewport and new
- Don't add the half finished Gooseberry targets but take the time needed
to code it well:
    Particle nodes, hair nodes, simulation nodes, modifier nodes...
- Asset managing and browsing, linking, references, external files in
- Integration in non Blender pipelines.

Practical considerations:

- Move development to special 2.8 branch(es)
- Module teams are empowered to cleanup quite radically and get rid of
legacy code.
- The 2.8 series is allowed to be not 100% compatible with 2.7x. (Physics,
particles, games).
- Spend time on organizing ourselves better, agreed designs should lead to
more empowerment.

And some core principles to agree on:

- We reconfirm and where needed update the 2.5 spec docs.
- Stick to existing Blender data structures and code design for as much as
- Make Blender ready to survive until 2020, but...
    ... start collecting the list of bigger redesign issues we need to for
a 3.0 project
- Bring back the fun in Blender coding! :)

The code.blender.org article for the roadmap of 2014-2015 is still valid in
my opinion. We just need to take a break of 9-12 months now, to make it
work for real.
Blender 2.8 Workflow Sprint

In the coming months we can discuss and review the plans and make sure
we're 100% aligned on the 2.8 targets and for other work during the coming
years. We should also meet and have good feedback sessions on it. So I
propose to use the Blender Conference in October as a deadline, and
organize a workshop in the week before.

- Four days of workshops and design sessions, in the week before Blender
- Travel and hotel covered for by BF (and Dev Fund, or a new fund raiser?)
- We should try to get someone from every (active, involved) module team on
board. Also key user/contributors have to be on board. But it's also more
efficient to keep it compact.
- Proposal: we do this invitation-only: First we invite the 5 most active
contributors of past years. Together they then invite persons more, until
we have 12 (?) people.
- Sprint sessions can be in parallel too - UI, Viewport, Physics, etc.
Let's make it public as good as possible.
- The Sprint results get presented and reviewed during further on sessions
during the Blender Conference.

Seven years ago, back in 2008, we also took a break of over a year, to get
the 2.5 project started up. It was a very exciting period where a lot of
new things were possible and could happen, even though we didn't finish
everything... it gave us quite a solid foundation to build on, attracting a
lot of new developers and great features.
I realize we have to realistic now, not everything will possible. But we
also shouldn't stop dreaming up a good future for Blender. Let's take a
break from our demanding release cycle, rethink it all, but not for too
long. Let's cherish what we agree on and enjoy the freedom of a
configurable workflow that will enable you to do what you think is best...
for making 3d art, games, film and animation!

Feedback very welcome!


Ton Roosendaal  -  ton at blender.org   -   www.blender.org
Chairman Blender Foundation - Producer Blender Institute
Entrepotdok 57A  -  1018AD Amsterdam  -  The Netherlands

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