[Bf-committers] (no subject)

Alexander Kovelenov alex at blend4web.com
Sat Jul 18 22:24:07 CEST 2015


First of all, this is my personal opinion as one of the Blend4Web guys. 
I understand your concerns, but I think you should not be afraid of 
Blend4Web involvement. We definitely have no plans to take control or 
include our engine inside Blender or do some other evil stuff :). 
Actually all we are trying to do is to make some improvements in 
Viewport and possibly, implement other real-time features, as stated in 
our wiki page 
These are not Blend4Web-specific and can be used by the other projects 
as well. I think Blender is good as it is, and I hope that it continues 
to be open, vendor-independent with it's strong and loyal community and 
passionate team of talented developers. That's why we all love Blender for!

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