[Bf-committers] Suggestion for Outflow object of the Fluid Simulator

Robert Ashcraft roan3170 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 04:15:16 CEST 2015


First of all, let me thank you for all of your had work and incredible effort 
to make blender the success that it is!  I truly love using this software and 
appreciate you for it!

Second, one of my favorite aspects of blender is the fluid simulator.  It is 
truly remarkable and the options that are available are sometimes 
overwhelming but once a firm understanding is reached, the results are 

I do, however, have a suggestion about the outflow object limitations.  From 
what I've been able to determine, the outflow has one speed in which it 
deletes the fluid object.  However, to use an example, water poured down a 
drain disappears much faster than water poured onto the ground.  So I would 
like to have more control over how quickly the outflow works.  

An example, my character is sunbathing on the west lawn when his younger 
brother throws a bucket of water on him.  If I make the ground object an 
outflow, the water is killed immediately.  If I make the ground object an 
obstacle, the water never goes away.  However, in reality, a puddle that 
slowly drains away would be more accurate.

I would love to see this change and would welcome any work-around that may 
be already available.

Thank you,


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