[Bf-committers] Blender 2.73a Release AHOY!

Sergey Sharybin sergey.vfx at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 16:50:48 CET 2015


Current release cycle will be a bit longer than 8 weeks so we decided to go
ahead with corrective release to solve some annoying bugs (and regressions
as well).

Information for platform maintainers:

- branch: blender-v2.72-release
- branch hash ced27380495b81f3a091a44e9076388a612c3f0c
- Submodule for addons changed, make sure you've grabbed latest one. Hashes
for verification:

 ca3f663ff4ac139f36f43647dc5cf481132fbed7 release/datafiles/locale (v2.73)
 9f8f6b285e1c3b9b1d4a681bec3ef7fe7be9c2d0 release/scripts/addons
 24d59d37f7b0210cdb7154bc7fc1b6da1584eab0 release/scripts/addons_contrib
 625d446ae8996ff1b3d660c44e2827fc832cf12b scons (heads/master)

Use the usual name: blender-2.73a-<platform>

Tagging and archive packaging will happen soon after the builds a re up.

With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

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