[Bf-committers] New Node Idea for Blender

Akash Hamirwasia akash.hamirwasia at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 13:14:04 CET 2015

Hello Blender !!!

I am Akash and I have been using blender for about 2 years now and I like
it a lot. I have never used any other software.
Recently, I was going deeper in the compositor of Blender and also saw
tutorials and found that most of the people create a vignette after the
rendering has finished to make the render look more focused and clean.

Creating a vignette takes a bit of time and its a combination of about 3 to
4 nodes. I have a nice idea of adding a "Vignette" node in Blender, which
makes it easier to add vignettes on different renders.

I have also created a test node of Vignette and I find that it works pretty
fine and also saves some time. If you want I can send the snapshot or usage
of that test node which I made.

Hope you like this new idea Blender.org and I will be waiting for your

Akash Hamirwasia

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